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Biome Boy

Welcome to the Biome Boy blog. I am based in Burbank, CA and travel around the world with the World Flora Association (WFA) in which I promote flowers and plants around the world. This personal blog showcases my favorite flower captured from each of my trips. Enjoy!

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14th of October 2018
Connemara National Park, Ireland

Butterfly Bush

Buddleja, Butterfly Bush

Commonly known as the Butterfly Bush as butterflies are especially attracted to this plant. This plant can be found in Asia, Africa and The Americas.

21st of August 2018
Springbrook National Park, Australia

Dietes Iridioides, Wild Iris

Wild Iris

Commonly known as the Wild Iris, this beautiful flower withers after one day. These plants grow well nearby streams of water. This plant can be only be found natrually in Queensland, Australia.

1st of August 2018
Nottinghill's Park, England

Euphorbia cyathophor, Sunshine Flower

Sunshine Flower

Commonly known as the Sunshine Flower, this flower blooms when the sun comes out. In the winter season these plants stay dormant as buds. This plant can be found in Middle and Southern Europe.

8th of July 2018
Royal Botanical Garden, Australia

Mycositis, Winter Rose

Winter Rose

Commonly known as the Winter Rose, this flower are in full bloom in the winter season. However they can also bloom in the summer. This plant can be found in natrually in Southern Europe.

8th of July 2018
Royal Botanical Garden, Australia

Heliotrope, Cherry Pie Plant

Cherry Pie Plant

Commonly known as the Cherry Pie Plant, this flower has a color named after it. It has been mentioned in many historical pieces such as Jame's Joyce's Finnegans Wake.

1st of July 2018
Auckland Botanical Garden, New Zeland

Heliotrope, Cherry Pie Plant

Fire Blossom

Commonly known as the Fire Blossom, this flower has a alluring musky scent. The flower blooms in all seasons of the year and grows exclusively in New Zealand.

1st of July 2018
Auckland Botanical Garden, New Zeland

Ipomoea alba, Moonflower


Commonly known as the Moonflower, this flower blooms fully on full moon. The pale white colour changes into a vivid perkiwinkle in the the moon light. This flower is cultivated in many parts of the world due to its unique property.

Viola wittrockiana, Pansy


Commonly known as the Pansy, this flower is widely spread around the world however it originated in Switzerland. This flower can be natrually found in pink, yellow and orange variations. Blue, red and green variations have been scietific created in recent years.